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Building facade

The architecture for professional pride — this beautiful 415,000 sq ft building and supreme redesign by Buckley Gray Yeoman offers inspirational workspaces within an elegant curved form.

Building facade
Building facade


Powerful connections
and community

Underground station sign

The easy and expanding connection to the clients and talent that power your business.

Underground station sign
Building courtyard


Meaningful amenities:
mind, body and spirit

Train in tunnel

The amenities to make every facet of life at work feel good — improving mental clarity, physical health and intellectual nourishment: mind, body and spirit.

Train in tunnel
Greenery with building in background


Sustainably built for wellbeing

Train in tunnel

Saving 10,260 tonnes of CO2 from the onset, this is a sustainable building that emits zero carbon during operation. This is an office that has never been more inspiring.

Aerial view of YY building
View over London skyline